Medi Link was created by nurses fortunate enough to have found their true passions within their careers. With over 25 years of hospital and home health care experience, they established a company whose sole purpose is to put patients first and provide superior home health care.
At Medi Link, we prioritize our patients’ wellbeing and care for them in a manner we would want our loved ones to receive. We strive to create healthier lifestyles by offering optimal care around the clock and giving great attention to detail. This attentiveness allows us to work towards reducing risks of readmission and re-hospitalization. Whether a patient is in need of therapy or weekly skilled nursing visits, the Medi Link team is more than willing to go above and beyond for you or your loved one.
I created Medi Link to make a change in the home health industry. This company was founded on the concept of real nursing and care. Nurses should not be nurses to make money, but to just purely care for others. Nursing is more than checking vitals signs. Nursing, even health care in general, is about being up to date with treatments, medications, and diseases. It is about solid communication with patients, their loved ones, caregivers, and clinicians. It is about educating patients and giving back their sense of ownership. Many patients feel helpless because they don’t understand or have much knowledge about their condition. Medi Link focuses on educating patients and their families to prevent things such as hospitalization and a worsening condition. We work to get results. Good results. We want to give patients the care they deserve. Top notch care.

– Remedios Opena
Founder, CEO, and field staff nurse